Theory of Invention

We’re your specialist agency for tech-focused comms, content, social and creative․


We help customers understand and desire your inventive products and services

In today’s omni-channel marketing landscape, brands have the opportunity to engage with customers across more touchpoints, more frequently than ever before. And not just anyone can tell your story, especially in the tech and innovation space. Our team of creatives and specialist communicators has decades of editorial experience explaining technology and complex subjects. We understand the nuances of your product, brand, and history to make your messages land.

We understand the nuances of your brand and product to make your messages land


We love and live tech

We already speak your language, so briefing and onboarding has never been easier. And if you’re not tech-fluent, you can lean in to us with confidence.

The agile advantage

We’re flexible, skilled and responsive, without layers of management and process to slow you down.

Access to audience

We’re not just an agency but a publisher with access to our very own consumer audiences and trusted, recognisable influencer talent.

Your world is our world

From product development to training and retailing, we know the tech industry and how to navigate its demands.

Razzle dazzle and routine

We thrive in the everyday, as well as the big campaigns. From kicking goals to managing routine tasks, we help free your team to focus on what they do best.

We understand the nuances of your brand and product to make your messages land